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Samos (area ca 500 sq. km, population 50000 people) An island that has not only been graced with exquisite beauty, but with a rich cultural and historic heritage as well. Despite the devastating fires of 1998 it still remains a “green island’ with pine forests, olive groves and citrus trees. Its endless grapevines are the source of the famous Samos wines. The greenery rolls down the hills to the coast to give way to beautiful beaches ending in clear blue Aegean water. One of the most powerful ancient Greek goddesses, Hera, was born, raised and worshiped here. Great philosophers were also born on the island: Aristarchus was the first to postulate that the Earth moves, Pythagoras-try to think of a problem in Geometry or Trigonometry that doesn’t involve his famous theorem, Epicuros set a school of philosophy, bearing his name, which more or less stipulates that man is meant to have a good time.

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Vathi (Samos town) on the northeast coast and Karlovassi to the northwest are the two principal ports of Samos and the island's largest towns. Neither is particularly exciting, and we recommend both as convenient bases rather than as destinations in themselves. Vathi has become a slightly tired resort town but is beautifully situated in a fine natural harbor. An extensive development project in Pithagora Square and along the paralia (beachfront road) now means visitors can walk on a widened pedestrian pathway along the water and take in open-air concerts at the large bandstand. The old town, Ano Vathi, rises to the hilltops in steep, narrow streets that hide a few small tavernas and cafes. Karlovassi is somewhat less interesting as a town-although it's adjacent to several of the best beaches on the island, the town is spread out and offers fewer amenities than Vathi. Most tourist facilities are clustered along the water at the west end of town, forming a tiny beach resort with several hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, and souvenir shops. A credit card that can be used abroad should always be at hand so as not to panic while shopping or dining out. Such information about this topic can make Samos vacations worthwhile.
The old town hovers above the lower town on the slopes of a near-vertical pillar of rock; the lovely small chapel of Agia Triads is at the rock's summit. The north coast of Samos is wild and steep, with mountains rising abruptly from the water's edge. One of the most interesting areas to explore is the Platanakia, known for its rushing streams, lush valleys, and picturesque mountain villages. A sequence of excellent beaches between Kokkari & Karlovassi includes the two finest beaches on Samos: Mikro and Megalo Seitani, you can reach them via a short boat ride or a somewhat long hike to the west of Karlovassi ..
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The closest decent beach to Vathi is Gagou, 2km (1 mile) north of the pier. But the best beaches on Samos are found along the north coast, the most beautiful and rugged part of the island. The busy seaside resort of Kokkari, lOkm (6 miles) west of Vathi, has several beaches in rock coves as well as the crowded stretch of sand running parallel to the town's main road. To find the smaller cove beaches, head seaward from the main square. Just west of Kokkari is Tsamadou, a short walk down from the coast road, which offers sufficient seclusion for nude sunbathing. Continue west past Karlovassi to find Potami, an excellent long pebble-and-sand beach with road access.
The two best beaches on Samos island, Micro Seitani and Megalo Seitani, are accessible only by boat or on foot. Boat excursions depart daily from the pier in Karlovassi. To get here on foot, continue past the parking lot for the beach at Potami on a dirt road; walking time to the first beach is 45 minutes. After about 5 minutes of uphill walking, the road splits-turn right, continuing to follow the coast. After another 5 minutes of walking, three obvious paths turn off to the right in close succession. Take the third, marked by a cairn, and follow the well-worn path another halfhour to Micro Seitani, a glorious pebble-and-cobble beach in a rocky cove. On the beach's far side, a ladder scales the cliff to the trail which will take you after an additional 30 minutes of walking to Megalo Seitani, as incredible a stretch of sea sand as any in the Aegean. At the far end of Megalo Seitani are a few houses and a taverna; the near end, at the outlet of a magnificent cliff-walled gorge, is completely undeveloped.
Samos has many dirt roads and trails perfect for mountain biking. The only obstacles are the size of the island, which limits the number of routes available for day trips, and the fact that much of the backcountry is off-limits due to Greek military operations. Bike rentals, information about trails, and guided mountain-bike tours are available in Vathi at Bike, managed by the friendly and knowledgeable Yiannis Sofoulis. The shop is open daily from 8:30am to 2pm and 5 to 9pm,it's behind the old church opposite the port, on the market street. The bikes are high quality and the rental includes helmet, pump, and repair kit; clipless pedals and shoes are also available for an extra charge. The basic aluminum-frame bike is 10€ ($13) per day; the full-suspension bike is 18€ ($23). Some of the best walking on Samos island is in and around the Platanakia region of Samos's north coast, where well-marked trails connect several lovely hilltop villages. Manolates and Vourliotes (see above) are among the villages on this network of trails. A trail goes from Manolates to the summit of Mount Ambelos, the secondhighest peak on Samos at 1,153m (3,780 ft.), the demanding round-trip takes about 5 hours. Those seeking a more "professional" exploration of the truly natural Samos might be interested in the British outfit, Nature Trek (, whose trained botanists and ornithologists lead 8-day trips from London that track the island's flora and fauna.

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