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The Greek island of Chios is approximately 842 square KM with a population of 50.000 people. The half of them lives in Chios-City. This Greek Island is situated in the east part of the Aegean sea, below the Greek island of Lesbos and above the Greek island of Samos. It is the fifth largest island in Greece. The Province of Chios consists of three separate islands: Chios, Inouses and Psara. The Chios country site is one with many faces, there are planes where the agriculture flourishes or planes with rocky surface.

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Chios, also named Hios or Khios, is an island with a long history, that dates back until ancient times. Like many of the Greek islands, Chios has a turbulent history. It's long history resulted in well preserved Byzantine monasteries and medieval villages. The different influences of the island rulers such as the Turks, The Genoese, the Romans and Alexander the Great left ancient monuments and abandoned churches and monasteries. Due to it position in the Aegean sea it was the center of commercial activities during the middle ages. Chios is known as fragrant flower of the Aegean. From the first inhabitants from the Early Neolithic Era and Early Bronze Age (6000-2000 BC) to the tourist that arrive nowadays,
Everybody who came to Chios has fallen in love with this Greek island. Maybe because of the Islands jasmine, wild tulips, the mastic tree and intoxicating fragrances. Or the medieval villages, which still has their unique atmosphere
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The numerous beaches of Chios island will satisfy even to most demanding visitor. Some of the beaches are located near the city of Chios: Karfas, Mega Limnionas, Aghia Fotia, Afanis Beach, Lo Beach and Daskalopetra. In the western part of the island there are the beaches of Elinta, Tigani, Metoxi, Managros, Limnos and Agia Markela. Other wonderful beaches are situated in the southern side of the island. The most famous of them are Komi, Mavra Volia, Vroulidia, Karida and Kato Phana. Also a swim in the crystal waters of Nagos and in the north-eastern part of Chios is a visit worth.
On the island of Chios the visitor can find 66 different picturesque villages. The northern part of the island is characterized by the beautiful villages of Kardamila, Amades, Viki, Kambia and Lagada, while on the north-western the villages of Volissos, Agio Gala, Pirama, Agiasmata and Nenitouria embellish the countryside. These villages are famous for their small valleys and the therapeutical spring. Travellers will also discover the beauty of the village Anavatos in the central part of Chios Island, which is built on the top of a rock of granite. Finally in the south there are situated the famous mediaeval villages of Pirgi, Mesta and Olympi. These villages, built like castles, for the fear of pirates in the middle ages have preserved their architecture through the ages and a visit there will be a visit in the medieval times. Pyrgi is famous also for the unique black and white geometrical decor of the outer walls of the houses. -The "xista" -are the things which enchant the visitor. The Island of Chios is famous for the growth of the Mastic and its further processing. Among other Mastic products, Chios is very popular for its Mastic sweets in the entire nation of Greece. Also, you should try the chian specialty called spoon sweets. Spoon sweets are made of several fruits like grapes, apples, cherries and citrus fruits, which are preserved in syrup to give a very sweet taste to the fruits. The climate and weather of Chios belong in the category of the Mediterranean climate, i.e. subtropical dry. Basic peculiarities of the Mediterranean climate are wet winters and warm, dry summers with a plenty of sunshine. In some Mediterranean areas, the sea plays a significant role. For example, when cold marine streams are present, the weather becomes stronger: the consequence is that there are occasionally chilly summers. However, in the Mediterranean basin, the general lack of such streams generate higher temperatures. A basic peculiarity of the eastern Mediterranean, where the island of Chios is situated, is the sunshine. The winds are the Etesian, strong and dry from the North, and the Sirocco, dry and warm from the Southwest.

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