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Online detailed map of Greece showing major Greek cities and the Greek islands.
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Find the places to visit in Greece map. Located in southern Europe, Greece forms an irregular-shaped peninsula in the Mediterranean with two additional large peninsulas projecting from it: the Chalcidice and the Peloponnese. The Greek islands are generally subdivided into two groups, according to location: the ionian islands west of the mainland, the Aegean and Saronic islands to the east and south. North-central Greece map, Epirus, Macedonia and western Greece are all mountainous.

Experience travelling in this beautiful country and go around the many islands of the Greek Peninsula. Travel around with the best car hire and move by the sceneries, interact with people and experience the Greek culture. Greece is surely the best way to spend a getaway vacation with your family.
Mount Olympus, rising to 2,909m, is the highest point in the country. Discover all that this unique country has to offer when you buy a Greece map & a travel book. There are many companies that offer holidays to Greece. Jet2Holidays.com offer various cheap holidays to Rhodes as well as to Corfu and Crete.

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Greece and the Greek islands, are the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Greece and its magical islands offers to all travellers an extraordinary variety of delightful destinations: Milos, Crete, Mykonos, Rhodes, Corfu ...to name! Plan your holiday trip in beautiful Greece, in the most effective way.

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Corfu is among the most beautiful of all the Greek islands, with rolling green hills covered in pines and olive groves, and a coastline surrounded by several fine beaches of golden sand shelving gently into clear turquoise waters. Discover our selection of. Book online now, pay at the hotel.

The general weather across Greece follows a typical Mediterranean climate pattern with warm, dry summers and mild rainy winters. Greece receives a lot of sunshine, for which it is rightly famous, and prolonged stretches of rainy weather are uncommon. The Greek Islands (Crete, Zante, Corfu, Santorini, Rhodes and etc) are what most holidaymakers come for. The weather is generally beautiful with cloudless blue skies, especially in summer. Summer in the islands begins in May with daily highs in the mid-20s. By June and July the daytime temperature is often in the 30s. July and August are the peak summer months, and temperature will rarely drop below 20°C.

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